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Our projects focus on filling the critical gaps in provision that others can't, always working in partnership, meaning that we have the best team for the job. We won't initiate a project where one of our many partners is already providing a service - our aim is to avoid duplication and signpost to the best resources.

Supporting people with no recourse to public funds (NRPF)

One of our current priority projects is to try and help people experiencing homelessness who have lost or don’t have access to state-funded benefits and housing, and is a last resort to help them move on from the trauma of homelessness. This project aims to support these people to lead productive lives in Oxfordshire. Find out more

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Lived Experience Advisory Forum

The Lived Experience Advisory Forum (LEAF) is an initiative that makes homeless provision in Oxfordshire more effective by consulting people with lived experience. LEAF was initiated by OHM and is now being funded thanks to generous donations from local businesses and the public. Ten members contribute their recent experience of being homeless in Oxfordshire. Find out more