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Aspire Oxfordshire - Homelessness Prevention

Aspire Oxfordshire - Homelessness Prevention

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Contact Details

Aspire Oxfordshire - Homelessness Prevention  Address: St Thomas School, Osney Lane, Oxford - OX1 1NP
St Thomas School, Osney Lane, Oxford
Aspire Oxfordshire - Homelessness Prevention  Phone Number: 01865 204450
01865 204450

Service Type

Homelessness Prevention

Operating Hours

8.00-4.30 Monday to Friday

Eligibility & Referral

Available to anyone presenting as at early risk of homelessness across Oxfordshire

Service Description

Aspire's homelessness prevention service is designed to provide support and advice to people across Oxfordshire who are concerned about their housing situation. 

Our team of outreach workers, known as “Community Navigators”, provide advice, mentoring and advocacy in community settings across the county. This support is designed to help people who are vulnerable to homelessness to stay in their homes and build their own skills, resilience and confidence so that they can manage any housing challenges themselves in the future.

Our team provides support around issues such as universal credit, managing debt and understanding their rights. We connect each person to a wide range of other services set up to help them. By providing this intensive support at the earliest possible stage we can protect vulnerable people from becoming homeless.

Aspire has been delivering a homelessness prevention service since May 2018 as part of the “Trailblazer” pilot project, in partnership with Oxfordshire councils. Our homelessness prevention programme is designed to help local people to build their resilience and prevent their homelessness. By engaging with people at risk of homelessness before crisis point is reached, there is far more potential to work with individuals and use their energy, ideas and resilience to create a better outcome together. At the heart of our homelessness prevention approach is partnership working with multiple agencies, statutory services, housing authorities and health partners to reach those most in need.

Since May 2018, Aspire's team of Community Navigators have supported over 400 people vulnerable to homelessness, giving them the advice and help they need to stay in their homes. 45% of these would have been homeless or evicted without our support.

Homelessness prevention - the future
The Trailblazer pilot project officially ended in August 2019. We are delighted to have secured funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Oxfordshire Community Foundation, local housing associations, St Michael's and All Saints' Charity, Pret Foundation and other private funders to continue our homelessness prevention service for a further three years.

Key functions & activities offered

  • Homelessness prevention support on a 121 basis
  • Initial assessments
  • Advice and support around sustaining tenancies, housing issues, universal credit or debt
  • Connections to a wide range of services
  • Friendly, person-centred support run by people with lived experience
  • Supporting individuals to navigate complex systems related to housing and benefits
  • Up-skilling staff within partner organisations around homelessness prevention
  • Active member of Homeless Link
  • Access to Aspire’s core employment, training and education support offer
  • Access to a homelessness prevention support fund