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Housing Projects

Housing Projects (Aspire Oxford)

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Contact Details

Housing Projects Address: St Thomas School, Osney Lane, Oxford - OX1 1NP
St Thomas School, Osney Lane, Oxford
Housing Projects Phone Number: 01865 204450
01865 204450

Service Type

Housing projects

Operating Hours

8.00-4.30 Monday to Friday

Eligibility & Referral

Rough sleepers/people with complex housing needs in South Oxfordshire and ex-offenders in Oxfordshire

Service Description

Housing First

In 2019, Aspire launched a new Housing First project in partnership with Soha Housing and South Oxfordshire District Council. This project was introduced to provide a more straightforward route into housing for individuals with complex housing histories who face multiple disadvantages when trying to access & maintain the current homelessness pathway.

Aspire are providing intensive, wrap-around support for individuals with complex needs in six 1 bed flats based in South Oxfordshire.

We aim to show through this partnership that by providing secure accommodation alongside intensive, 121 support, these individuals can be empowered to maintain their own tenancy, engage in positive social activities in their own community, find employment and begin to thrive in this new setting.

Aspire will be using our learning from our other housing project and homelessness prevention work, alongside our 18 years’ experience of specialist employment support, to enable individuals with complex needs to move out of the welfare system and build economic freedom.

Supported housing for ex-offenders

Aspire are pleased to be able to offer 6 bed shared accommodation for individuals who have an offending history. This can be for people who are directly leaving custody or at risk of offending in the community.

Similar to Housing First, this project provides intensive support wrapped around each individual’s needs. Our approach is designed to bring together the most appropriate services to help enable to transition back into living in the community, thereby reducing the risk of their re-offending.


Key functions & activities offered

  • Simple referral route into the Aspire Housing First service
  • Step by step support pre-tenancy, building a relationship at the first point of referral
  • Intensive wrap-around support, to include Universal Credit support and help with maximising income
  • Bespoke 121 employment, education & training support at Aspire
  • Access to Aspire’s work experience programme on our enterprise businesses
  • Proactively championing multi-agency meetings
  • Independent Housing First evaluation of project
  • Homeless Link benchmarking against best practice for housing projects
  • Connecting individuals to wider services such as drug and alcohol, probation, mental health etc.