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Homeless Oxfordshire

Acacia: Provides shelter Provides shelter
Acacia: Doesn't provide guidance Doesn't provide guidance
Acacia: Doesn't provide new skill learning Doesn't provide new skill learning
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Acacia: Accepts money Accepts money

Service Type

Supported accommodation

Service Description

Acacia is a project for those who find themselves returning to the Adult Homeless Pathway, in spite of attempts to move forward. In particular, it is for those with complex needs that include mental health issues. Similar to Housing First, it uses an intensive and assertive support model.

Staff undertake creative and persistent work with clients, working to the principles advocated by Homeless Link. They have good knowledge of move-on options and good relationships with other statutory and voluntary agencies, including OXSPOT.

Oxford City Council commissions up to six units of supported accommodation via a contract with Response, and that accommodation is provided and managed by Response through the private sector.

Homeless Oxfordshire provides housing management and support to Acacia clients.


Key functions & activities offered

  • Pre-tenancy work with clients prior to coming into the project.
  • Referrals agreed at the steering group, which meets every six months, with close involvement from Oxford City Council officers.
  • Six independent units of accommodation – flats or studio flats.
  • Staff funded by Oxford City Council – one full-time Housing and Resettlement Worker and one part-time Peer Support Worker.
  • Intensively supportive staff team working from 9am-5pm. The team is office-based and works with clients to ensure they can manage their tenancy. They also provide support to address clients' issues.
  • On call support out of hours.
  • Frequent visits to the houses to promote engagement, positive relationships with staff, and support to move-on within two years and not return to rough sleeping.