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Response Organisation

Response Organisation: Provides shelter Provides shelter
Response Organisation: Provides guidance Provides guidance
Response Organisation: Provides new skill learning Provides new skill learning
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Contact Details

Response Organisation Address: AG Palmer House, Morrell Crescent, Littlemore - OX4 4SU
AG Palmer House, Morrell Crescent, Littlemore
Response Organisation Phone Number: 01865 397940
01865 397940

Service Type

Supported Accommodation for adults with serious and enduring Mental Health with an upper age limit of 65 years.

Operating Hours

9am - 5pm Mon - Fri

Eligibility & Referral

Referrals directly to Response. Also accept self-referrals.

Service Description

Mental health illness, in all its forms, is affecting more people than ever before. For over 50 years, Response have been innovating, adapting and providing high-quality services in the field and now operate across the Thames Valley and down to the South Coast. From Housing to Support and from Sports to Education. Response's 360 Model delivers a holistic recovery focused package.

Response offers a variety of accommodation schemes from 24/7 staffed properties through to semi-independent accommodation. 

Living with, and recovering from, mental health illness needs more than clinical intervention and therapy. Response believe, and have learned, that people need to find balance, hope and ways to grow. The 360 Model provides a spectrum of activities that will support, inspire and open more doors to the future for service users.

Response believe in the power of change and that every life, no matter the difficulties faced, can be made richer and more fulfilling. They believe in staff, resources, experience, properties and creativity combining to deliver real, person-centred, outcomes.

Response is part of the Oxford Mental Health Partnership

Key functions & activities offered

Accommodation is provided for adults under the age of 65 with serious Mental Health illness in clusters 4 – 17.

Key functions are:

  • Supported housing
  • Housing
  • Homecare