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Matilda House

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Contact Details

A2Dominion Address: 2A Rymers Lane, Oxford - OX4 3ES
2A Rymers Lane, Oxford

Service Type

Supported accommodation

Service Description

Opened on 2nd September 2019, Matilda House is a purpose built unit offering cluster accommodation for those that have experienced homelessness.

Accommodation can be accessed by anyone that has been verified as a rough sleeper by the Outreach Team past or present and has a connection to Oxford City. 

The building is split into two parts and houses clients that are considered as:

  • Having complex needs
  • Ready to move-on 

Key functions & activities offered

When someone moves in the aim is to support them to:

  • address the issues that has led them to become homeless
    • Alcohol and drug addiction
    • Poor mental health
    • Anti-social behaviour
  • Help them to develop the skills to successfully maintain their accommodation.
  • To improve their social network and develop meaningful occupation.

Each client will have:

  • A named support worker
  • Frequency of support is agreed with the service user.
  • Support plan
  • Risk assessment - Support measures to reduce those risks