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Current volunteering opportunities 

Asylum Welcome

An in-person position located Unit 7, Newtec Place, Magdalen Road. The voluntary shifts would 4+ hours per week (Monday - Friday between 09.00 - 17.00). The required commitment is usually one year. Interpersonal and communication skills are required. Additionally, depending on the role additional skills are needed e.g. English teachers need to have a TEFL qualification and experience teaching. There is always a need for volunteers with language skills, such as Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, Farsi, Albanian. Please get in touch with Asylum Welcome if you are interested - they have many services so are open to exploring where a potential volunteer can help! 

Connection Support

There are both in-person and remote voluntary positions available at various locations across Oxfordshire. They offer volunteering across a variety of roles such as homeless outreach, housing support, refugee resettlement support, befrienders, and violence reduction navigators. Shifts vary and can be adapted to volunteers’ availability. There can also be flexibility with regard to the length and level of voluntary commitment. Please note that the skill set needed varies for the different roles. To find out more about the roles available please visit their website or contact the Volunteer Team at

Edge Housing

There are both in-person and remote voluntary positions available. They are located in Botley/Osney Mead. The time of voluntary shifts are flexible, however, they are mostly sometime between 09.00 - 17.00 Monday - Friday. They ask for a commitment of a minimum of 3 months, however, this may be longer for some roles. There is no specific skill set required. There are a range of volunteer roles available, from doing activities with residents to office-based work. All volunteers will be trained upon induction. Please get in touch with them or call 01865 297460.



Hybrid (Listening Service volunteers) and remote (​Campaign volunteers) roles. You can agree to a shift on Monday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, or Friday mornings. They are ideally looking for a substantial commitment of 2-4 shifts per month (around 12 hours) for a minimum of 18 months. For the hybrid role, the volunteer should be empathetic with good active listening skills and emotional awareness. For the remote role, no particular skills are required, but applicants should have an interest in helping with fundraising activities, working with social media, and raising public awareness of sexual violence Full training will be provided. For further information, please contact


OWNS - The Living Room

An in-person position located on St Clements Street, Oxford. The timings of volunteering shifts are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (09:30 - 12.00 and 13:30 -16:00). They would ideally look for volunteers who can commit to regular shifts (weekly/fortnightly) for at least three months. There is no specific skill set required. Please note that they operate an intimate "Living Room" style day centre so being comfortable in this type of setting and being able to initiate conversation is very important. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit their website

Oxford Hub

There are both in-person and remote voluntary positions available, mostly in Oxford city. They include tutoring local children to help them with schoolwork, supporting a local resident to improve their English, and helping neighbours with their gardening. Most of their volunteering opportunities are flexible in terms of timing, length and level of commitment, depending on what works for you. To find out more about the roles available please visit their website or contact us at

Oxford Mutual Aid

There are both in-person and remote voluntary positions available. Their Hall is located on Cowley Road, Oxford. OMA is a volunteer-based community action network. The time of shifts varies depending on your role. There are several roles from Volunteer Deliveries (regular and ad-hoc deliveries in the car) to Support/Phone Volunteer to Hall Volunteer (packing food parcels restocking). They welcome all types of skill sets and experience. They have a volunteer debriefing system where you can talk through worries or concerns at any time. If you would like to get involved, please fill out their volunteer form

Read Easy Oxford

A remote and part-time Referral Networker to work alongside the existing Referral Networker to help the management team working with charities and other organisations in Oxford to identify people who could benefit from their free one-on-one reading coaching service to people over 18 who struggle with reading.

Remote and part-time Safeguarding Lead to help the management team to keep up to date with Safeguarding issues and to deal with any safeguarding issues which may arise.

Remote and part-time Venues Organiser to visit libraries and other potential venues around Oxford. To make contact with the venues and to establish whether they are appropriate venues for reading and coaching to take place.

For all positions, they are looking for people with good social and organisational skills but no experience is necessary. The time required is dependent on the position and is flexible. 

For more information, please contact Gill at 

Sanctuary Hosting

An in-person position, working at various locations around Oxford. They are looking for a time commitment of 2-3 hours per week, although hours will vary depending upon the situation of the person you are supporting. Commitment would be for one-year minimum. You will be supported by Sanctuary Hosting staff and regular training is provided. Your role might be supporting a guest by helping them get to know Oxford and access local services, or supporting a host by checking in regularly to review how their hosting is going and working with others to solve any issues which arise. To find out more, please email Hannah on

The Gatehouse - Café

An in-person position located on the Woodstock Road. The voluntary shifts would be between Monday and Friday 16.15 - 1845 (changing to 1915 from 2023) & Sundays 15.15 - 17.45 (changing to 1815 in 2023). Voluntary commitment is on an as and when basis (essentially whatever suits the volunteer) There is no specific skill set needed. They are operating as an indoor cafe providing they have enough volunteers to do so (9 or more) and on the nights volunteer numbers are low, they operate as a takeaway cafe. They would ask all new volunteers to read their online policies which can be found here: and complete a new starter form.

They will provide all necessary PPE (gloves, masks (optional) and aprons). 

They are also looking for food group donors who can help supply their cafe with sandwiches and cake. All new food donors would need to have a read of their food safety policy and sign and send back the food safety agreement.  All donations will need to be supplied with allergen labels which will be provided. 

For further information, please contact the Operations Manager, Zoe on

The Gatehouse - Oxford Women's Hub

An in-person position located on the Woodstock Road. The shifts would be on Thursday's between 10:30 - 13:30. They are ideally looking for a few months commitment to build a relationship with the group. There are no specific skills required. For further information, please contact the Operations Manager, Zoe on

The Porch

An in-person position located on Magdalen Road, Oxford. You can agree a shift between 09.00 - 15.00 from Monday - Saturday. They prefer consistency in volunteers so ask for a commitment of at least 3 months minimum. The volunteer must be able to work as part of a team. If a volunteer has a specific set of skills they can offer, they are free to discuss it with the team leader. Please direct volunteering enquiries to


Last updated November 2022.